Config Restore resets used/expired Vouchers

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    Just wondering if this is the expected behaviour to have all Vouchers reset to unused after Config Restore?
    Of course the Backup I have recovered was taken after the Voucher expired. :-)
    So this information is not stored in the config.xml ...where in the filesystem I need to check?


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    This post is deleted!

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    (Sorry for my previous post, it was a mistake)

    The information about vouchers that are in expired is stored in /var/db/voucher_{$cpzone}_used_{$roll}.db. This file is a binary file, and it is not exported when performing a backup.

    Is it expected? Well, i'm not netgate....but in my opinion, yes. Connected users, and inuse/expired vouchers are not configuration elements and should not be saved when performing a backup.

    Active DHCP leases (for instance) are also not saved when performing a backup. Because they are not configuration elements.

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