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  • Hi how did you set up pfsense in virtualbox?
    Idid not get to works outside virtualbox.
    So what did i need to set up to get its works?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator means what??? That is not a network, that is a host address.. So you put that on your lan? Your wan? What?

    I would suggest you read through the virtualization doc for the other hypervisors.. Its all pretty much the same thing..

    You connect your pfsense vm to a wan network, and a lan network normally via "vswitches" in the VM software.

    If I had to guess I would say you are using a natting network in VB vs a bridged network to your real world?

    Are you trying to create a vlan with this network, or did you give pfsense another virtual nic? Did you connect that to a different vswitch? Or are you trying to change the default lan of pfsense from 192.168.1 to 192.168.2?

  • is used before with my asus router.

    But that documents did not show Virtualbox or VMware player that is the only software is installed.
    Yes i try to use bridge networks, but its 3 card Virtual host only ethernet adapter.

    Issue here, is to understand port and vlan tag, because look PFsense use vlan istead of port.
    That make this hard to get to works.

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    If your current local network is 192.168.1/24 (pfsense wan), then yeah your going to want to change pfsense lan network.. So change it.. Or your local network to something other than pfsense default lan network.

    Yes you could change pfsense lan address to be - now any device connected to this lan network you created will be on the 192.168.2/24 network and use .1 as its gateway and dns.. Seems like your wanting to use a host only network - which is fine for the lan of pfsense, that you put other vms on..

    Out of the box pfsense will try and resolve for dns - you need to make sure your physical local network, and or internet allow for that - or you will need to switch pfsense to forwarding mode for dns.

    Yup that will work right out of the box.. Validate your vm on this lan (host only network) get their IPs from pfsense dhcpd and away you go.

    I understand that the guides do not list VB - but the concepts are ALL THE SAME!!! doesn't matter what hypervisor you use.

    On how to get vlans to work with your hypervisor networking -- your going to want to look to their docs or their forums for help with that... To pfsense that is just all agnostic.. Pfsense is tagging on vlans or not on native..

  • @johnpoz But how did you select port :

    Its a way to select card you want to use? Its that a way if i want to select from card, to other?

    I did not have much expenence to set up VPN and remote desktop, and edit direction of card, without to lost connection with VPN.

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    @lmh1 said in virtualbox pfsense:

    What?? Select port 2??? Why and the hell would you think you need to select port 2? If your trying to get pfsense gui to listen on port 2, that is a HORRIBLE idea... I would suggest you just leave that at default.. Or use a more common port for web gui.. Not port 2

    As to what card you use in VB - I suggest you look to their docs.. This is not a support forum for virtualbox..

    I think your list of stuff you don't have much experience with would fill a library ;)

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