FRR OSPF static routing Virtual IPs

  • Upfront - I am neither an OSPF nor FRR hero. So everything here can also be caused by basic lack of knowledge. Nevertheless - I am a little puzzled about the behaviour of the FRR package. Maybe anyone can give me a hint how to deal with this.

    I have FRR/OSPF running to manage fail over between sites (OpenVPN tunnels) as described in the Hangout by John Pringle. So far - everything is working really well and doing exactly what it should for interfaces.

    I now wanted to add Virtual IPs to an interface and distribute those via static routes (Zebra) to the neighbours. Now comes the weird thing. When I first tried it, Zebra recognised it as a connected route but did neither select nor forward it.

    By accident, when validating the config, did I mess up the network mask and increased it on the zebra side (27 zebra vs. 28 on the Virtual IP side). And voila - the route was selected and forwarded to the neighbours.

    It can be reproduced. Adjusting the network mask in zebra or Virtual IP kills the routing again.

    That's how I set up the static routing now - having a large mask on zebra side. But this seems awkward to me - especially knowing pfsense for some time now.

    So where is my mistake in setting up this. Is there an order to follow to avoid this behaviour?

    A bit clueless - honestly

    P.S. All nodes running on pfsense 2.4.4-RELEASE-p2

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