SG-3100 keeps losing gateway after traffic load

  • Good afternoon. Upgraded a clients router and it's my first time working with pfsense. Purchased the SG-3100 last week, in May 2019. In the testing environment all seemed to be fine. Starting out with no other packages, allowing all traffic through the firewall.

    Placed it into service with 2.4.4 (still no other packages, no filtering) and worked fine for about 30 minutes. Then they lost internet access everywhere. I could still reach the administration gui. Traffic monitoring showed all inbound traffic had stopped. Eventually figured out it said the WAN gateway was reporting offline inside pfsense. Sometimes the gateway status would show 30% packet loss, other times 100% packet loss. Reboot and all comes back to life. Then it happens again. And again. And again. After spending hours trying to figure out what's up, I put in their old router/firewall and the network was fine.

    Their fed through a fixed ip, fiber connection. About 10-20 desktops and then a few wifi hotspots with 30 or so users. Their normal traffic is about 10-30M down, might peak at 100M.

    Any thoughts? I can't spend another 5 hours on the this point they will have spent more on me than the hardware.

    Temps went around 60-65c. Never saw the processor go very high.
    I did see a thread about a memory leak here:

    Any thoughts on what might work without spending hours trying multiple possibilities? I don't have a support contract with them and trying to make the client happy.

  • Rebel Alliance Netgate Administrator

    Is the gateway going offline, is it possible there is an ISP or modem issue?

    The program that monitors the gateway pings the IP listed, you can put in another ip.

    Our book might be a good starting point:

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