Multipurpose server, is this enough?

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    I am sure this question have been asked 100'th of times, but I just can't find any specific answers (maybe they don't exist?? :) )

    I want to move over to PFSense from UniFi, as I wan't to add suricata, pfblocker etc.
    I am looking at a SuperMicro Atom C3558 motherboard, and I am pretty sure that it's enough for my needs.

    Now for the fun part, what if I want to extend the needs, just a tad.

    Right now I ahve multiple Raspberry pi's running with several purposes.
    1: openVPN
    2: Home Assistant (Controlling my home, Cant turn off or on any lights without it)
    3. CCTV/NVR
    4 Multiple PiHole's for redundancy
    and a NUC, for database and log analytics for my devices.
    and an 8 year old NAS with about 20TB storage running 2*5 HDD raid 5.

    I am thinking about repurposing my NUC, and install 2 VM's on it. 1 for Home Assistant(Hassio) and 1 for some of my log analytics.
    My NAS would be a offline backup.
    and now for the PFSense box.
    Run several VM's on it. 1: PFSense and 1 Freenas or similar, and maybe a database or something.

    So, instead of a Atom C3558, I was thinking of a Xeon d-1521 or something else low power, not too expensive.

    But, will it hold up against running several VM's, PFSense with PFBlocker/Suricata/OpenVPN 1GB network speeds (500/500 WAN speeds, and 1GB LAN speeds over 5-6 VLANS)

    for OpenVPN, 10Mbps is enough for my needs, I am more concerned if the internet connection will suffer too much

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    @blank said in Multipurpose server, is this enough?:


    Probably. There are a lot of variables in there though. Suricata has a lot of tuning options.


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