Public ip for mac address

  • For the interactivity of my TV-decorder, it needs to get a public ip from my ISP. Below my current setup.

       modem (from ISP) --> sg-1100(WAN)

    and from the router:

    LAN port to my network
        --> Everything is connected here behind an unmanaged switch
    opt port bridged to wan to get public ip for my web server

    I retrieve a public ip with dhcp from my ISP

    What I try to reach is getting a public ip for my decoder. I know the mac address for it.
    Do you have any suggestions?

  • You would need to speak to your ISP about getting a second dedicated IP address. Some ISPs will only do this for business accounts.

    I find it hard to believe that this device must have a public IP address. You're posting in the NAT forum. Have you tried NATing your TV box and then test to see if it functions correctly? What is this device, exactly?

  • I have a maximum of 16 dhcp addresses available from my ISP.
    I need the public IP for interactivity like TV on demand, extended schedule, playback TV, ... . Because this is a paid subscription they hand out a 10.x.x.x address to verify the device on their servers.

    I can not predict the IP address that they will give, so that is the difficulty.

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    @stijnroaer said in Public ip for mac address:

    they hand out a 10.x.x.x address

    Well you can not get to the at from public internet - it doesn't route on the public internet.. There is no way to get to a 10 address over the internet..

    If you now what the ip is, you could prob get to it via vpn to pfsense, put a vip on pfsense wan that is on the 10.whatever/network and talk to it that way.