Recommendations for fanless small format PFSense box

  • Hi all. I was wondering I could get some hardware pointers for a fanless small format box to reinstall PFSense onto. Was hoping not to spend much more than $150. I was running PFSense off an old Dell duo core, but it sucked energy and the hardware eventually gave way. So looking to find a replacement with much lower power consumption.

    Internet speed at home from ISP, was 150Mbps, but slowed it down to 50 to save money (may go back up to 150 but for now have not noticed much degradation). Modem can only do 300.

    We do not do any gaming, but do stream Netflix etc. Not more than one device at a time. Whole house is wired for Ethernet and run a FreeNAS box.

    Was running Snort, PFBlocker, and Squid. Would eventually like to do VPNs but have not yet learned how...

    Thank you.

  • The SG-1100 is more then enough for your needs:

  • But will it handle Snort, PFBlocker, and Squid? How does the Cortex A53 processor compare to J1800?

  • LAYER 8

    Snort, PFBlocker, and Squid for only 1 pc and a freenas ? is the freenas open to the internet or only on the lan? if you don't have services open to the public there is no need for all that packages plus if you need to access the freenas from the wan it is better to do it through a vpn or if unsure go for the SG-3100 and think of all the money you save out of power usage you repay it in no time

  • For now, FreeNAS is only on WAN. But eventually i would like to access it through VPN.

  • So, are there any non Netgate products? I was looking at the J1800 but it is already an older processor. What are the advantages of going with a SG-1100 vs building your own?

  • Few different things, first, the SG-1100 works, we test it, we run it, we know it will update when the time comes. We stand behind our hardware if there is an issue, we will replace it.

    For another vendor, that make the j1800 when you run into a problem that is hardware based, you are relying on another company for their support.

    When you purchase from Netgate, you are buying from a small company, you support us.