• Hello all, I have a WatchGuard XTM505 and (6 ports at the front), I want to have a different VLAN on each network and run some of them through and OpenVPN connection, I want to do this for security. I have 2 things I'd like assistance with:

    1. How do I create a VLAN to each port on the front of the box
    2. How do I assign a seperate OpenVPN connection to each of the VLAN's individually

    A side question is that, am I correct in assuming that nothing in VLAN 1 could touch VLAN2? I know of VLAN hopping but I'm reasonably sure that this wouldn't fall victim to this, no?

    Edit for clarification:
    I've watched a tutorial by Crosstalk Solutions on VLAN's but they only create a VLAN on the LAN port:
    Youtube Video

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    What? You don't need VLANs at all to make separate networks on each discrete router interface.

    Interfaces > Assignments