New to PFSense, need a little help digging in. Any A-Z setup tutorials out there???

  • orry if this has been asked a zillion times.

    I've had a PFS install setup for the past six months. My goal was to bone up on it a bit each day an move away from my aging Zyxel USG. However, I'm struggling to get a handle on how to start configuring it for my network. I subscribed to the HTML docs, but I feel I need a bit more hand holding to get the basic flow of things.

    For example, on the Zyxel, everything (objects) can be named and you start from these objects and build upward to create rules/nat/routes etc. I'm trying to get how PFS approaches configuration.

    Are there any example configurations I could install to see and pick apart to better understand how a configured system looks? Are there any good tutorials that go through specific scenarios such as setting up a Dual Wan, Web servers, throttling users, etc.)?

    Again sorry for being so basic. I'm not a networking professional just a geeky dad that doesn't know any better.

    Thanks in advance!

    I'm now going to post to the /chainsaws sub to better understand how to use this 1000cc chainsaw I bought on a whim... ;)

    Edit: Thank you everyone for such great resources! Really appreciate your help!

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