Wireless card recommendation

  • Hey all;
    I want to build myself a new wireless router using pfsense. I'd like it to do the latest wireless standard, AX. Can anyone recommend a wireless nic that will work with pfsense?

    I currently have a homemade wireless router that uses zeroshell but it only does wireless N. And it's a bit difficult to configure.

    All and any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Not going to work with freebsd, I don't even think you can get AC to work, let alone AX..

    If you want wireless that does AX, then get a access point.. Your wireless connection has nothing to do with pfsense.. Freebsd wireless support is very lacking to say the least..

    To be honest - what client do you have that support AX anyway... You would prob be better off getting AC AP, and then as you get clients that support AX you can swap that AP out.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Yup. No 802.11ax support in FreeBSD and hence pfSense. And, yes, also only experimental level ac support and not in pfSense yet anyway.