transparent bridge wan lan intermittent connection

  • Dear Guys,

    my windows server is on the lan network

    upstream gateway is in the bridge network (wan, lan)
    outbound nat is disabled

    in the system tuneables 0 1

    no configuration type for wan and lan

    allow all for wan lan and bridge

    my only concern is that from time to time the connection to the windows server which is in the lan network hangs like every 5mins..any idea?

    Thank you

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    @lonmarlon said in transparent bridge wan lan intermittent connection:

    any idea?

    Not a clue since can not make out how your setup.. Your bridging through pfsense? WHY would be my first question! ;)

    And WTF would you be doing it wan to lan for? Your going to have to give way more details to your setup and the issue your seeing if you expect any sort of actual help.

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