• During the boot process what/when is the dpinger service triggered?

  • Netgate Administrator

    dpinger is what monitors the system gateways so it's brought up when the WAN connects.


  • @stephenw10 Thanks for the information, but that I already knew. I was asking from a more lower level perspective as for some reason like when my pfsense box comes online it does so a bit faster then my WAN connection can realize. Such that when dpinger kicks off the first ping attempts or so don't get through and thus a error gets logged. But since after that every ping goes through without a problem I was looking to see how to possibly either introduce a slight delay before that particular service is started or changed the order so the device kicks off the pings later in the startup process.

    And yes I know its a very minor thing with little significance, just if there is something about it that can be done I would like to simply for personal preference.

  • So I came across a file named gwlb.inc and added a sleep() command at the start of the start_dpinger function which did apparently solve my issue of a log entry not being created claiming that a few pings of the gateway failed following a reboot. However it seemed to have a possible secondary issue where for those few seconds that the boot process is thrown off by the NTP process momentarily errors claiming the clocks are not sync'ed. Guessing that there is some check that occurs while this "pause" is happening and since it doesn't see the NTP daemon running it alerts that time is not being accurately maintained; which is technically correct.

    Granted I know this a very minor issue, more of a personal preference then anything else, but if anyone has a better suggestion on how to handle this let me know. As all I am looking to do is have the dpinger service startup a few seconds later than it currently does.

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