• Ho everybody, i'm a newbie on pfsense, but with this forum i've done a lot of good things.

    My problem, i have a client LAN 100.100.100.x and a lot of issues with the Asterix pbx, due to IANA address block, cause 100.100.100.x Is done for carrier-carrier communication. So ihave no audio on my pbx (problem investigated with provider )

    I cant phisically access to firewall, i'm on holiday, so i created a virtual ip on lan to be used as a gateway, and changed pbx ip.

    Well, with the virtual ip as gateway i can't access internet with pbx.

    I've read anything bit seems to be impossible to do .

    Is there an Angel with a solution?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Those are on the same interface? and

    That should work but you will need to add firewall rules to allow that traffic to pass. If that is your LAN for example and your LAN interface is then firewall rules using the default LANnet as source will not catch traffic from the other subnet. Add additional pass rules for specifically if required.
    You may also need additional outbound NAT rules for it to get internet access.