Gateway is offline and no network access

  • Please help. I’m having a problem with my pfsense. On the dashboard the gateway is 100% loss and status is offline. And if I login in pfsense using my laptop thru network I can’t access it only in the host where the pfsense running. Tried to change the data payload to 1 because this works for me before but still the gateway is still offline. Hope someone can help me.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Are you using a static IP on WAN? Is it correct?

    If it's DHCP is it pulling the correct gateway?

    The gateway may not respsond to ping in which case it will always show as off-line. You would have to set a different monitor IP if that was the case.

    ... only in the host where the pfsense running

    Does that mean it's a VM? Are you sure the interfaces are configured correctly?