interface(s) going down.

  • Hi All,

    I'm fairly sure this question should be in one of the more specific areas of the forum but I'm not sure what's causing the issue so thought I would start here.

    I have a pfSense VM running on a Ubuntu / KVM host. There are 4 nics on the server, one being used for management (not connected to VM's) one not in use and the remaining two running LACP to a HP 2530.

    I have 5 vlans configured (50,100,200,800,900). 50 is my WAN the rest are internal (management, cctv, network, public). The vlan interfaces on the host are bridged and pfSense has interfaces on each of the bridges.

    Generally things seem to be working but every now and again the internet just seems to stop. Some times it's on all the internal vlans at the same time, some times it just appears to affect one vlan.

    Rebooting the pfSense VM resolves the issue. I think that disabling the interface, saving, enabling, saving also resolves the issue but am not totally sure about that.

    When it's "down" I am unable to get DHCP or ping the pfSense IP for that subnet / vlan.

    scanning through /var/log/system.log does not seem to show anything relevant at or around the time it drops

    Any idea where I should start...

  • Netgate Administrator

    Check the interface status in pfSense when it is down at the CLi using ifconfig -a.

    If the virtual NIC actually shows as down then I would have expected something to be logged. But if it does that's a hypervisor issue.

    If it doesn't then try running packet captures to see what's actually happening on the interface.


  • Thanks @stephenw10,

    Typically it hasn't broken on me today but I'll check. My suspicion is that it will show as being up. I think if it was on the hypervisor side the disable / enable would not work which is why I think it's in pfSense.

    Next time it dies I'll check and report back.

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