Broken IPv6 on UK isp sky with pfsense

  • This has been working for a couple of years thanks to Martin a friend of mine who coded in compatibility into pfsense. But looks like my isp has played with their config and things are no longer working smoothly.

    A quick crash course for those who dont know the isp supplies ipv6 via DHCP6 on top of a ipv4 WAN connection.

    If I restart the WAN manually IPv6 will come back but it wont stay on, it might survive an hour, it might survive a few days, but it will eventually fail DHCP renewal, and once it does its gone until I manually restart WAN again.

    Previously it was just showing a bunch of DHCP "sending solicit" but now today checking log I notice these new tidbits. Am I screwed, thinking it might be some kind of propriety solution? The isp normally supplies its own routers to customers, so they wont care about compatibility with wider range of equipment.

    Aug 18 04:45:23	dhclient	81723	unknown dhcp option value 0xf3
    Aug 18 04:45:23	dhclient	81723	unknown dhcp option value 0xf2
  • LAYER 8

    Options 242 are common to all Avaya IP telephones
    idk what option 243 is for
    i don't think this dhcp options have anything to do with your problem but the only way to know for sure is to use wireshark and see what happen if you don't have anything else in the log