Port forwarding and bond/link aggregate

  • I have 2 hosts behind a pfsense and a NAT rule for each host to access a service on each host from outside. This configuration works without any problems.

    Now I added a second network device to one of the hosts, created a bond on this host and a corresponding link aggregate on the switch. And after that the NAT rule stopped working.

    Port and IP-address stay the same, so from the LAN-side nothing changed and everything works as before. But from the outside world the bonded interface is no longer reachable via the pfsense.

    So whats wrong with my setup?

  • Can you draw this out in some form?

    Are you saying you have a Bonded WAN?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    If the LACP is working correctly that is completely transparent to pfSense.

    Troubleshoot the LACP between the host and the switch to find your problem.

    The firewall has no idea that lag even exists.

  • @Derelict You are perfectly right: one day later the problem is gone. I've changed a lot this day (and I am not an expert, so I have tested some ideas to find out they did not work), thus I assume I have caused some trouble on the network with needed some time to settle down.