Load balancer server to public IP server

  • Hello,

    I already use the load balancer in 1.2.2 but to an internal squid pair from an internal IP firewall and it works very well.

    I have a web application with two frontends hosted at a provider.
    When I try to set up the load balancing server (public IP public firewall) to (server1 public web ip and server2 web public ip) it does not work.

    know if there are any specific restrictions for doing this?


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  • Hi, for this purpose better use haproxy_devel package because it software created for this purpose exactly. You will get fair (or unfair if needed: based on percentage etc) load balancing (optionally with sticked sessions), https offloading (with acme you can get free lets encrypt cert directly on pfsense or use own cert), backend monitoring, centrilized logging (better configure with syslog-ng). In your case it Must use Ssl on backed too because you want load balancing through internet, but ssl on backend servers can be issued by your own created CA for free, they not needed to be "valid" to end client. End client will see only haproxy ssl!*

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