• I have a XG-7100 that I've been using for a year or so. I was moving a computer around in my server closet and bumped into the power cable. I just seemed to unplug it a bit. I plugged it back in, and it powered up, but it doesn't seem to be doing anything else.

    The Power light turns green, but the status light never turns on. All the ports that are plugged in light up and it seems like it should be working, but it is not giving out IP addresses. I manually configured my IP address and tired to connect to it's web admin site, but It would not respond.

    Not sure what to do.

  • Netgate

    Are you able to connect via the console?

  • LAYER 8

    you probably have a corrupted filesystem, connect to the console


  • Thanks guys I'll try it out, was in a bit of freak out mode for a bit, but I found my previous firewall and it was still configured so I got my network back up. I'll try connecting to the console now. At first I was like but there is no console port! but then I noticed that already had a cable plugged into it.

  • Yeah it seems to be stuck in some kind of a boot loop. I was able to press escape to get into the boot menu. it says boot: now. not sure what it wants me to enter.

  • LAYER 8

    you don't see the menu where you can boot in sigle user mode?

  • I saw that at one point. I'll try and restart it again and see of I can catch it there

  • Yeah I stopped the boot process at the wrong spot the first time, the second time I stopped it at the right spot and was able to log into the box.

    I did the following:

    fsck -y /

    ** /dev/gptid/83e91e45-63a8-11e8-8a54-0008a20ea7dd

    USE JOURNAL? yes

    ** SU+J Recovering /dev/gptid/83e91e45-63a8-11e8-8a54-0008a20ea7dd
    ** Reading 33554432 byte journal from inode 4.

    RECOVER? yes

    ** Building recovery table.
    ** Resolving unreferenced inode list.
    ** Processing journal entries.


    ** 35 journal records in 2048 bytes for 54.69% utilization
    ** Freed 0 inodes (0 dirs) 4 blocks, and 2 frags.


  • oh I missed the part of the doc that said to keep using that command until it stopped correcting problems, so I ran it a few more times, looks like it is booting now. Woot!

    Will have to plug it all back in to verify but I think it's back.

  • Humm. I have it plugged all back in and it seems to be working. I can access it's we admin page but it's gateway status is "pending" and I don't have internet on any of my devices plugged into it.

    I have a cable modem and when I look at my WAN interface it shows my public IP address.

    Pinging and DNS lookup don't hit any outside domains or ip addresses.

  • Ok I messed up some DNS settings. All better now.