Automatic upgrade

  • Hello,
    I try to excue pfsense-upgrade -d
    is there any way to make the question from upgrade automatic with ask ?
    for example when I run pfsense-upgrade -d it's ask me that it's required to reboot y/n
    is there any way to make automatic ?

  • What part are you wishing was automatic - upgrading the firewall itself, or asking the "reboot y/n" question and then actually rebooting?

    It's a REALLY bad idea to have a firewall, most times your first line of defense against the "wild west" internet, upgrading itself when it feels like it.


  • LAYER 8

    [2.5.0-DEVELOPMENT][root@pfSense.localdomain]/root: pfSense-upgrade -h
    > Usage: pfSense-upgrade [-46bdfhnRUy] [-l logfile] [-p socket] [-c|-u|[-i|-d] pkg_name]
    >         -4          - Force IPv4
    >         -6          - Force IPv6
    >         -b          - Platform is booting
    >         -d          - Turn on debug
    >         -f          - Force package installation
    >         -h          - Show this usage help
    >         -l logfile  - Logfile path (defaults to /cf/conf/upgrade_log.txt)
    >         -n          - Dry run
    >         -p socket   - Write pkg progress to socket
    >         -R          - Do not reboot (this can be dangerous)
    >         -U          - Do not update repository information
    >         -y          - Assume yes as the answer to any possible interaction
    > The following parameters are mutually exclusive:
    >         -c          - Check if upgrade is necessary
    >         -i pkg_name - Install package PKG_NAME
    >         -r pkg_name - Remove package PKG_NAME
    >         -u          - Update repository information

    how about pfSense-upgrade -d -y ?

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