WAN Failover not... failing over

  • We have 2 pfsense firewalls, running on WatchGuard Fireboxes. One running our VOIP network ( and one running our data network (

    Each box has it's own PPoE VDSL connection on the WAN interface.

    I've been trying to set up WAN failover on the Data ( box and have failed so far to get it working.

    I created an extra interface called it DataVoiceLink on the data box and gave it an IP

    I created a gateway called GW_Voice and assigned it to interface DataVoiceLink with gateway IP of (which is the IP of the Voice box)

    I then created a gateway group called it WAN_Group
    I added GW_Voice and GW_Data to this group
    GW_Wan I set Priority Tier1
    GW_Voice I set Priority Tier2
    Trigger Level: Member down

    Then,Upstream gateway I set to GW_Voice (

    I then plugged DataVoiceLink port into the Data network switch.

    The gateways both show as being up (green) but when I pull the ethernet from the GW_Wan connection then I loose all internet connectivity. GW_Wan goes red and GW_Voice stays green.

    I'm struggling slightly as this is a fairly odd setup with two separate devices there isn't a lot of documentation explaining setup.

    Any suggestions welcomed.

    Once I get this up & running I am planning to migrate everything to our new SG-5100 but that'll be in a few months time.



  • Forgot to mention, I also then edited the LAN rule to allow all on lan to all using Wan_Group gateway.

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