Got pfSense working which cool packages should I install???

  • Hello,

    I have finally got pfSense working at home on a VM.

    What packages should I install next as there seems so many?

    I see iperf can be install too. I have this on my laptop so will the test the speed to the firewall or through it?


  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    iperf for pfsense is testing to and from pfsense - but these numbers can be less than what you would see through pfsense.. While it has its limited uses - not really a good test to see validate that your getting full speed from your isp, etc. Or testing what speed pfsense can route/nat at.. This should always been done "through" pfsense.

    As to what other packages - while yeah some of them are "cool" ;) Unless you have specific need/want of the features of said package - I wouldn't install them just because they sound cool..

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