Understanding DNS and DHCP

  • I have a question about DNS and DHCP servers.

    We have three locations running on 192.168.11.xx, 192.168.12.xx, and 192.168.13.xx

    192.168.11.xx and 192.168.13.xx are running from the same DHCP server, and this is the only role it is fulfilling. With the primary domain controller running DNS.

    192.168.12.xx is running on a different DHCP server, and that server is also a secondary domain controller which is running DNS.

    Does any of this sound right? We sometimes have issues with roaming profiles and users logging in from different locations. Could this set up have anything to do with the cause?

    I am incredibly inexperienced with networking, and admin work in general. I inherited this situation and I am trying to make sense of it.

    Additionally, the primary DNS server (which is our primary DC) ... what should it be pointing for DNS?

    I really understand this may be some super amateur shit, but you guys have been helping me out a lot and I really appreciate the answers you provide.

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    Be happy to help you figure out the setup and how it could be optimized.. A drawing and how everything is actually connected would be very helpful... So are these sites all local? Private lines connection, vpn - what sort of bandwidth between.

    Why are 2 sites sharing dhcp - and the other is on its own.. Is it the one remote site?

    There are always many ways to skin a specific cat.. Some ways better than other ways.. Once we have the details we can figure out if how its being done now is the best way to skin it, or maybe there is a better way?

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