PPPoE Over Vlan

  • Hello all,
    if anyone could help me with my problem that would be great.
    I have installed pfsense 2.4.4 on an esxi server which i designate two ports for pfsense (one for wan one for lan). Ports are configured to pass all vlans on esxi.
    i have configured vlans 6,7, and 8 on WAN interface of esxi (vmx0).
    i want to configure pppoe on each vlan using a different mac address otherwise my ISP blocks me on the DSLAM because it sees the same mac address (of the physical interface of esxi) on two different ports on the DSLAM.
    I tried to change manually the mac address and although i see now that vmx0.6,7,8 have different mac's, PPPoE refuses to connect.
    Is there any other way to accomplish this?
    Thanks and regards

  • Netgate Administrator

    Not easily, the VLAN inherits it's MAC address from the parent interface.

    If the MAC address fro ESXi is seen, which is not what I would expect unless it's routing, then you would need to address that in ESXi.


  • @stephenw10 said in PPPoE Over Vlan:


    I 've read somewhere that you might be able to do it by creating a bridge first and inherit the mac address of tha parent interface to vlan
    I will try this and see how it goes

  • Netgate Administrator

    Yes, if you create a single interface bridge and use that as the VLAN parent you can set a MAC address for the bridge.

    I've never tried more than one though.


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