Noobie questions about pfblockerng

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    I just started using pfSense and pfblocker as well. I installed pfblockerng (non devel) following this youtube video. I have to say i didn't understand any of it (not speaking german), but the steps were understandable. If i'm correct, he protected his outbound LAN traffic from the Top20 spammer countries, and allowed Germany and Ireland to access the 2 ports he forwarded (plex and vdr).

    My questions about this:

    1. I followed only the deny outbound rule he made, but after i applied the changes, my wife's yahoo mail app on her iphone didn't received any emails, and she didn't received any emails in her outlook account on her ipad as well. There was no problem with my gmail account in the K9 mail client on android, i received everything. Is there anything i missed?
      Under the GeoIP tab there is a note: "it's just as important to protect the outbound LAN traffic." What does it really mean? What can i do to protect outbound LAN traffic? I think the guy in the video did this, but in my case there was some error...

    2. If i permit inbound WAN traffic from only 1 country without specifying the open WAN ports can i use every port i forwarded in the router? I would specify the ports, but I have two open ports pointing to another port on a device on the lan network ( i think it's called redirected port under port forward), and i can't figure it out how could i add these ports to the port aliases. Any idea?
      (These 2 ports are for the synology Photo Station's 80 and 443 ports. For example i opened the 55555 port on the router which is redirected to the synology nas's 80 port)
      Maybe is it a question to ask in the NAT forum?

    3. The guy in the video at 11:45 making another port alias (VDR). But when he made the port and IP alias at 12:40 and when he applying the changes, under the IP tab there will be an IP_ALLOW alias for the 2 IPs, and i can see when he changes to the firewall rules menu, there will be an OPEN_PORTS alias for the 2 ports he just entered. Was it cut out from the video when these aliases were created, or what just happened? I didn't really understand it.

    Thank you guys any help you can give me to understand how the GeoIP works!

  • @Hurkamurka said in Noobie questions about pfblockerng:

    I installed pfblockerng (non devel)

    This reply doesn't answer your question but suggests installing devel version.

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