SG-3100 ISP slow upload speed

  • Hi,

    I have deployed 10+ SG-3100s and this one is the first time I got this issue. I'm using it with Comcast on a static IP, single VLAN, DHCP and DNS. Nothing crazy. Once a week the SG-3100 gets in a state that limits the upload speed to 0.5Mbits which is barely usable. Users notice this as soon as they cant upload any attachments or similar stuff. Takes forever to do things. Reboot solves the issue, but I still cant figure out whats the cause for this.

    Hardware TCP Segmentation Offloading and Hardware Large Receive Offloading are disabled. I just disabled Hardware Checksum Offloading too. Not sure if it will make a difference. CPU usage is 10-20%, CPU temp is 70C. Release ver is 2.4.4-RELEASE-p3. State table size is (996/500000)

    Any suggestions? Thanks!

  • Netgate Administrator

    Anything in the system log at that time?

    Any errors collisions on the WAN in Status > Interfaces?

    You see the same restriction on all internal interfaces? Have you been able to determine if this is an issue with the WAN or one of the internal interfaces?

    Is it resolved by, say, disconnecting/reconnecting the WAN cable? Or re-saving the WAN interface?


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