captive portal and VoIP phones

  • hello..
    I configured the captive portal on opt interface.
    I didn't enabled the dhcp on opt interface and all pc in that network getting ip manually.
    All this is going fine but there is only issues with VoIP phones.
    I allowed the ip of VoIP phones so that they get the internet connection without login in portal.
    But there is still issues with VoIP phones packets are dropping ...not able to connect with vpn ...any one have any knowledge related to this.

  • Hi,

    The best choice would be, imho, adding the MAC addresses of these devices to the MAC tab.
    When done, the captives portal 'internal' firewall (ipfw) will become transparent for any address, any protocol, any port for traffic coming (or going) to this device.

    For that device, behaviour would be identical as shutting down the captive portal on that interface.
    Test this yourself.

    Btw :

    @zaber01 said in captive portal and VoIP phones:

    all pc in that network getting ip manually

    The IP is a good start.
    Do not forget the network mask, gateway and DNS. The lather should be set to the IP of the pfSense portal's interface. But you could, of course, complicate things a bit more.

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