i am having pfsense issues with vmware 15 pro

  • i am trying for days my setup right now is
    1 nic hook up vmware as bridge. vlan for vmware testings. hhere i setup my interface
    as you see i have wan for internet, lan for pfsense, opt1 as for vlan setup for vm as for testing
    next thing i have firewall
    here my vlan config
    1dfae079-b741-430e-915b-38d66b099f30-image.png for wan
    second is for pfsense
    lastly vlan
    i am new to setup pfsense
    so can u tell me how i setup in vmware 15 pro trial only test due.
    vmware player dont have virtual network configure
    my gateways is set to wan
    here my v newt config

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