VOIP gotchas?

  • I built a small pfsense firewall (upgraded to 1.2.2) for a small business that is considering switching to a VOIP provider so they can bounce their ancient PBX.  I don't see any documentation on the site about setting pfsense up with VOIP.  I'm assuming that means it just plain works <grin>or perhaps it's a thorny issue.  They're ordering a bunch of Cisco 7960 phones if that makes any difference.  The VOIP provider is drop shipping a router to us that is "pre-configured."

    If anyone has some insight into things to watch out for, I'd really appreciate it.


  • The only issue I've run into with VoIP is static port mapping.  You'll know this is an issue if you get one sided phone calls….you can hear the remote party but they can't hear you, or vice versa.  Just check the little "enable static port mapping" check box for the LAN interface under "outbound NAT"

    Other than that, should be pretty straightforward.


  • I agree to your statement dnky_bones about using static port mapping in VoIP.

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  • I simply make firewall rules to allow the sip server access and no port forwarding involved…

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