• i Did settings changes you hinted me but nothing changes i appriciate your efforts of helping me but i am strongly thinking about to use something different than pfsense for building ny network , i will try to set on a linux VM openvpn and try to do some portforwarding with linux to redirect my ip public address tcp's port to my inner VMs. The first time i used vpn by provider it worked but all setting were made by an american collegue of mine here in the NATO base in Naples ( i am a soldier by the army) , but the dude , fortunately for him , less for fortunetky for me , got back to states , i think now he is in duty to Hawaii ilands m blessed him . Thank you far all man.

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    Dude this took really all of 30 seconds to setup... As you see I connected and routed traffic just fine through your connection. But if your not going to post screen shot of what you actually setup.. There is no way I can point out to you what your missing/doing wrong.

    As to base in Naples ;) I visited Naples during Med Cruise back in Navy days .. 87 I think it was ;) Might of been Summer of 86? when we did med, then 88 we were in Gulf.. escorting tankers.. Many Many years ago ;)

    What I recall from Naples was drinking really cheap big bomber bottles of Heineken ;)

    edit: You Italian.. Oh man some of the greatest guys we ran into was in Haifa, Israel during that Med Cruise - there was an Italian ship docked next to us.. And we would go drinking with them - there was 1 of our guys that spoke some Italian and one of their guys spoke some english.. They gave us tour of their ship, we gave tours of ours... You guys could drink beer on your ship - bastards ;) US ships are dry!!

    We were there for a couple of weeks - best time of the whole cruise was party with the Italians!

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    I just checked out in the garage, we had just recently cleaned out the attic and found my box of stuff from navy.. I had hat from one of the Italian guys (ship name and number on it - we exchanged hats)... But must of put that box out in the shed - was going to post a picture of it.. I believe it was an Frigate, I was on CG-27.. Guided Missile Cruiser..

  • @johnpoz i will i will ..... i have worked with americans 6 years ....they're funny guys...i would like to come once in america before i die ..... it's my dream in the drawer , we italians use to say .I will send you any screenshots of whole my setting , even though i am valuating to do it in an other way maybe with a linux box with openvpn app and a good firewall that permit me to do portforwarding.Yes in italy it's very cheap to do compared to US , but i quit drinking because i was getting used to make many damages , and behave as a dork , and the day after you dont rember fucking nothing of the things i did before .I pirced two tyres whith broken bottles to a guy where i live , and he wanted to come to break me , and i ensure you it's a big big one. So i willingly choiced to stop drinking , after all when you are 50 y.o. you have to think about your health, think that you are not young any more .Now that i have stop drinking i should think about stopping eating , too . hahhahahhahah

  • Get back here :

    and do that test.
    It resolves, or not ?
    Also, describe your DNS settings.

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