Allow access to pfSense itself only via VPN - but not from WAN - on a VPS!

  • Dear guys,

    I just ordered a small vps and installed pfsense. I linked this pfSense via OpenVPN with my homelab.
    The VPS has only one nic interface.

    At the beginning, I would like to block all access to pfSense GUI itself from the internet and allow only connections to pfsense itself coming via the openvpn tunnel.

    I'm a bit of stuck because all the pfSense machines I configured so far had at least two ethernet interfaces (one for WAN and one for LAN) so it was easy to restrict access to pfSense itself to LAN interface - and block traffic from WAN!

    Is there any recommended solution how to block access from WAN and allow it from OpenVPN tunnel although the VPS has only one ethernet interface? Do I have to try it with Virtual IPs? VLANs?

    Thank you guys!

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