SG-5100 Are there any "preferred" ports

  • I'm replacing a SG-4860 with a SG-5100 and was wondering if there is any difference in the performance of the ports between the igb and ix ports on the SG-5100?

    My connections are as follows:
    LAN1 - 1GB network
    WAN1 - Fiber - 500 MbS speed (on a 1GB connection)
    WAN2 - Backup coax - 15MbS speed (On a 1GB connection)
    LAN2 - Phone network (almost no traffic) (On a 100MbS connection)
    LAN3 - Used for wireless network (limited traffic) (On a 100MbS connection)

    -- Is there any performance difference between the igb and ix ports? I want the best performance to the LAN1 and WAN1 connections.

  • Netgate Administrator

    The SG-5100 has 2x igb NICs and 4x ix NICs. There is not much difference between them, both are Gigabit NICs even though the ix NICs use the 10GbE driver.
    The ix NICs are theoretically marginally better performing however the ix driver does not support altq so traffic shaping on those NICs can only use Limiters.


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