XG-7100 - Internal Switch QinQ support

  • We're in the process of deploying a XG-7100 with multiple WAN connections. As all of the WAN connections are < 1 GB/s our initial plan is to connect all the services to the GbE ports on the XG-7100. (The 10GbE IX0 & IX1 interfaces will be used for LAN trunking to an external switch.)

    All is good except that two of the WAN connections are PPPoE services implemented via provider supplied equipment which encapsulates all traffic in 802.1q VLAN frames having a fixed tag (in this case 621).

    Given that we need to keep the two PPPoE services separate we've been pondering if we can make this work with QinQ. We attempted QinQ configuration with one of the services but it didn't work. Indeed it would appear that the XG-7100 internal Marvell 88E6190 switch does not support port QinQ configuration via etherswitchcfg doubletag flag. Example

    etherswitchcfg port4 pvid 622 doubletag

    does not set the required flag.

    (refer etherswitchcfg man page https://www.freebsd.org/cgi/man.cgi?query=etherswitchcfg)

    Any other suggestions? Using an external VLAN aware switch to strip the VLAN tag from one of the services would not be the end of the world but is not as simple and/or elegant as we would prefer.


  • Netgate Administrator

    QinQ is not supported on the switch unfortunately.

    So both providers use the same VLAN tag (621)?

    If so your only option to use the switch would be to break the internal lagg so you have ix2 and ix3 as separate interfaces. You could then have VLAN 621 existing on both and use port based VLANs to trunk that to different Eth ports.
    That would be somewhat limiting for the remaining ports though.

    Another option would be to use a expansion card to allow separate ports for each WAN.


  • Thanks Steve,

    Interesting suggestion re breaking the LAGG. Since we only have 4 x GbE WAN there should be adequate WAN bandwidth on each uplink in such a scenario. Just need to confirm remaining port bandwidth will be okay (think so since LAN bandwidth will mostly be using the 10GbE ports).

  • Netgate Administrator

    The internal ports are 2.5G each so I would be surprised if it's a problem.

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