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    I'm a home user who has an SG-3100 and ubiquiti AP. I got everything working using the unify android application. But I did a fair amount of research before hand to see if I could get the controller running on the sg-3100. It seems possible though I have not tried it. I think it would be an excellent addition as a pfsense package. Not essential for for immediate needs, but I definitely could see this being useful for others.

    No idea as I don't know what's involved with the packaging. It seems the project developer already has it basically working as a script. Work would just be needed to make it friendly packaging.

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    Why reinvent the wheel, the Unifi controller runs on Linux rather than FreeBSD that pfSense runs.

    Just buy a Raspberry Pi or run it under Docker if you have a NAS.

    pfSense is a firewall not an appliance.

  • UniFi runs just fine on FreeBSD, and Windows, as well as Linux.
    The script does work on amd64 builds of PfSense, but I would not recommend running it on your firewall. It can cause package issues that will trash the box, especially on upgrade. The SG-3100 is arm, and that's another can of worms. If you are a home user, just run it on a workstation when you need to make changes. If you want it running all the time, you could take NogBad's suggestion and run it on a Pi, or on a NAS.

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    As mentioned. I have no need for it. The android app from Unifi worked brilliantly for me to get me up and running.
    Just figured it would be useful for others.

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    The licensing of the ubiquity software makes packaging it problematic, and that really isn't a service that should be on a firewall. It should be on a separate device, VM, etc. Isolated on a management system.