Redirect to CP after timers reached

  • Hello,

    I have a CP working with external radius.
    All is working well and user is getting no access when set timers reach 0.
    However the user is never redirected to CP again and instead just hangs around on SSID with no way to access anything (fix: close wifi connection + browser and open again).

    Is there a way to force users whose times has reached 0 to revisit CP login page?

    PS. i use HTTP redirect.


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    @cristiannilsson hi,

    Multiple way to fix that :

    1. Ask the users to browse an HTTP website
    2. enable HTTPS redirection. So that instead of connection reset your users will have an HTTPS error.
    3. you Can Ask web browser vendors (on the chromium issue tracker, etc...) To improve their captive portal detection mechanism.

    1. Set the time-out to a higher value. People tend to disconnect / shut down their device every day or so. This will enable OS support to kick in when re activating the connection.

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