Intermittently high latency on WAN

  • Recently, I've been having intermittent lag when accessing the internet. After doing some investigating, I discovered that the latency on my WAN is very high (400ms+) and sporadic. I have attempted the following fixes:

    • Rebooted ESXI, PfSense, and my modem
    • Updated PfSense to the latest release (2.4.4-RELEASE-p3)
    • Disabled Gateway monitoring & action (as the sporadic jumps in my WAN simply resets my GW)
    • Implemented QOS (CoDel) @80% of the DL & UL speeds as per my internet package (just in case BufferBloat was the cause)
    • Contacted my ISP and had a tech come out. He replaced the modem.

    Unfortunately, none of these fixes solved my issue. Any advice?

    Background info:

    • Pfsense is running on ESXI (ver 6.7) on an R710 with Broadcom NICs (NetXtreme II 5709)
    • Assigned 1 vCpu & 2 GB Ram. CPU and mem usage are around 10%
    • Networking setup is Modem > PfSense WAN > PfSense LAN > Switch > devices
    • My current setup has been running for over a year with no issues

    1 week of WAN monitoring
    1 Week Wan Monitoring

    1 month of WAN monitoring
    1 Month WAN Monitoring

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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