new forum is a pain in the b**t

  • The new forum is a step backwards in user friendliness.
    Especially with long forum discussions, as they are very common here, it is a pain to get to the end of a discussion.

  • A one click issue.

    Example : a thread with 1070 posts ...


    You also see this :


    Click on the :


    You just zapped all the interesting info, to find the last post mentioning something like :

    Ok, thanks.
    edit : No, sorry, it's "Your welcome, Cheers.".

    Btw : there are reasons why the forum was changed.
    Use the build in powerful search facilities to find out why.

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    @Gertjan said in new forum is a pain in the b**t:

    a thread with 1070 posts ...

    It's not as obvious if @flu is using IOS, the up & down ^ symbols don't seem to render correctly you just see empty squares.

  • iOS, guess not.

    On my iThing, latest iOS :


    But true, not ever browser on every device will handle fine everything.

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    Hmm my iPhone appears ok, may just be on my iPad.

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    iOS fine here... I use this button a lot. 😁


  • LAYER 8 Rebel Alliance

    You can also use this one

    Works fine in iOS and Firefox (any OS).


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    So at this point, what has it been almost 2 years.. How are we calling it the "new" anything ;)

    Complaints from a user that last time on was 19 days ago, and then before that last post was 2016 ;)

    Total posts under 20... What would it matter if they HATED it so much they were going to leave... Kind of late to the party if you ask me..

  • @johnpoz
    As you mentioned correctly my last activity before recently was 2016 so to me it is the "new" forum.
    But your "if you don't like it go away" attitude is misplaced here.
    Maybe you should leave yourself if you can not work with criticism and instead start to disparage someone because of his low number of posts.

    to all others - thank you for the constructive feedback.
    In my browser (Vivaldi) the up down buttons were not there. After a cache clean they are displayed now.

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    So you think they will switch back? You understand its been almost 2 years... There was a huge amount of feedback.. HUGE! ;) So yeah - if you want to come in 2 years later and jump on the you don't like it band wagon.. From a 20 post user over years and years..

    Your feedback not going to change anything..

  • @johnpoz
    your attitude definitely didn't change.

    where did I ask to switch back? Nowhere!
    I complained about something that I didn't like and got feedback from other helpful people which solved my complaint.

    the others were helpful - you are not.

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    Because I already went through the weeks of crying - oh this changed... I don't like it... 2 years ago... Here you come 2 years late to the table crying... Something changed I don't like it..

    Sorry but nobody cares! Did you know that TV is now in color ;)

    Did you come here asking how to do this, no you came in complaining.. JFC calling the kettle black much...

    What you could of done is come in and say, hey I haven't been here in a while - seems there been some changes, doesnt any one know how to do xyz?

    Not you came in saying the change is a pain in the but, and doesn't do X, etc.. And then you say I am not helpful... Whatever dude, see you in 2 years or whatever.. Next time you feel like complaining that something changed that you haven't touched in X years..

    Sorry the world isn't all about you!! And we aren't doing it the way you like it to be done..

    Is your next stop to the ms forums to let them know you don't like windows 10?

  • @johnpoz
    you are partially right, I could or should have worded my post differently.

    But the way you reacted to my post is not worthy of a global moderator. Maybe you should reflect about the meaning of moderation.
    What do you want to achieve with statements like "What would it matter if they HATED it so much they were going to leave" and "Sorry but nobody cares!"
    Do you want to chase away the user base from pfSense?

    Because with a attitude like this, that's what you will get.

    That's the last I am going to say about this - you can have the last word if you like.

  • @flu I agree, it sucks... has for a couple of years now. I would have warned you had I seen your post earlier about a coming response, but it's already reared its ugly head. I too complained when they changed but it appears the purveyors were more interested in sidling up to the EU than providing an "as useful" or "better" product than they were using. To their credit, they did make the features of the Gold Subscription free... but I would have gladly continued to pay had they chose that route... especially if it helped offset a better forum package (I even took the time to make a phone call to talk about just that). I still drop in occasionally when I have time to see if it has matured (it hasn't), but I basically just communicate direct with a Dev and a couple Package Devs. When all else fails, I still have CB's number... but he usually just laughs at me... sometimes with me. I still believe in the product and still run Netgate hardware.

    John is very knowledgeable, often times extremely helpful. I've certainly benefited from his input. But he sometimes shows us he's still human and has emotions.

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    @Ramosel said in new forum is a pain in the b**t:

    But he sometimes shows us he's still human and has emotions.

    I gave you thumbs up just for that - thanks! Yes we all have emotions and opinions and sometimes we are in a good mood, and sometimes we are in bad moods.. Sometimes we are sober, some times not so much ; etc. etc..

    Don't recall exactly what mood I was in when posted that - but prob perturbed about something.. ;)

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