• Hello all I’ve been trying for hours to get my pfsense up and running. I’m using a google home router and a netgear modem.

    I can:
    Connect to the configuration page
    See two green arrows, one for wan and the other for Lan

    I don’t:
    have Internet connection
    See an ip address next the wan on the dashboard

    I’ve reset both the modem and router.

    Much help is appreciated.

  • Looks like you've posted a few times...

    What is the pfSense WAN plugged into, the NetGear? ISP router? Is that device providing DHCP?

  • @teamits hi I’m new to this forum site . Sorry for that.

    The wan is plugged into my cable modem “netgear.”

    I can’t tell whether it’s providing dhcp or static.

  • If the pfSense isn't getting a DHCP IP from it then it likely isn't, and you'd have to enter a static IP address that is in the NetGear's subnet, with the NetGear as its gateway.