Floating Rule - What is states calculating?

  • What is the states calculating/counting in the Floating Rules area?

    I see what looks like traffic numbers but it doesn't seem right as they are very low.


  • I was just going to ask that also. I reran the wizard, and while Status/Queues shows VoIP traffic during a call, around 100 Kbps, but the states field on the rule shows Bytes of 400 B down and 700 B up (7.832 K evaluations) when I'm done with the call, after several seconds of talking.

    I started looking because a client's router logged a grand total of 64 B of inbound traffic per that rule in the last few weeks.

  • I deep dove into shaping yesterday and reran the wizard at a few locations last night, which presumately would have reset the counters. Here's one with a screen cap of the (only) two VoIP rules showing zero bytes:
    Yet the queue currently has some traffic, with Borrows, indicating more traffic, and I know they've had calls today:

  • Still an issue (open question?) in 2.4.5.

    Floating rule marking it low priority:
    Firewall rule allowing the NAT: