Help with transferring working Bind configuration to pfSense deployment

  • I've had a great Bind setup for years that's been running on a Raspberry Pi. It's really just for a lab/testing environment, and serves roughly 5 or so master zones. Since recently building out a new pfSense system, I'd like to migrate things over to the new environment and leverage the pfSense Bind package. But there are some things that are not quite making sense to me yet, like how I can replicate my previous master zones and use fallback forwarders with pfSense like I had in my previous setup. I understand how to do this in Bind really well, but I'm getting a bit confused with the pfSense UI implementation.

    Can someone help me understand how to set this up correctly? I've tried a few things already, but can't seem to get things right.
    I've tried using the text blocks for custom options. I've set forwarders in the views section. But clients seem to either be able to forward out to hosts like,, etc....or resolve internal master zones...but not resolve both. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

    Thanks for the bread crumbs in advance!

  • I might have figured out what I'm doing wrong, but can someone confirm this for me? Like I said, I'm pretty new to pfSense, and learning some of the platform nuances.

    It appears that the configuration below (taken directly from my previous Bind implementation), added to the "Custom Options" text block under "Custom Views"...

    forwarders {;    #;    #;    #

    ...produces the results I described above in my previous comment. It places an "^M" in the named.conf file for Bind at each line break, and it appears that it should be written on a single line like this:

    forwarders {;;; };

    Can someone confirm that this expected behavior?

  • never-mind. that didn't seem to do the trick. the ubuntu host that I was testing with rolled back to DHCP DNS servers, and I didn't realize it. the issue still exists...

    this is a real tough one for me to figure out, and it's frustrating...because from a bind perspective I know exactly what needs to be done. but how to do it in pfSense and working with the's not quite clicking for me yet. if anyone has suggestions, I really could use a lifeline. 😕