Dd-wrt v24-presp2 080509 vlan and 802.1q tagging

  • Hi, I have a WRT54G now and I would like it to act as a managed switch capable of doing VLANs and 802.1q tagging for a trunk port.

    I have a pfsense router and it has only 2 NICs, one for the LAN and one for the WAN. I have two modems so I will be using the dd-wrt to combine the two modems into one trunk port and connect it to the WAN port of pfsense.

    I'm planning on using port3 and port4 for VLAN3 and VLAN4 and connect the two modems to those ports. And I'll be using port2/VLAN2 as a trunk port that will in turn be connected to the WAN port of pfsense.

    I have read several guides but they all pertain to doing this thing through the command line because I believe they are old guides (year 2005, 2006).

    So with the new firmware I have now, can I do this thru the webgui only?

    Would you be able to help me on this one? Thanks.

  • I am afraid you have to install the third nic into your pfSense.

  • Why does he have to add a third nic?

    You should only have to assignt to the wan nic two (or more) vlans which is untagged at the linksys switch.  But I doubt the linksys works flawlessy with 802.1q vlan taggs, and it has way too few ports that it makes much sense to me.

    Since I want to use a couple of the same linksys routers for deploying different kind of networks, splittet out in different vlans (one vlan with a transparent proxy, the next a 'trusted' vlan for internal network and last but not least a seperate vlan for voip, maybe another one for wlan) - but as I said, I doubt that the 802.1q implementation of dd-wrt/openwrt works flawlessy… I think you have to lower the mtu to get it work or maybe other more or less dirty hacks have to be done...

    But I hope I'm completely wrong  with this;-)

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