No swap memory on PFSense Netgate SG-3100

  • Hi all,

    My PFSense on Netgate SG-3100 shows no swap memory configured in the system (by default). Do we need to add it manually?

    Zabbix monitoring server marks it as a problem.

    Thank you,

  • Adding the command showing no swap memory
    Shell Output - /usr/sbin/swapinfo
    Device 512-blocks Used Avail Capacity

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You don't typically want swap on eMMC (or SSDs in general, though some are more forgiving). It would cause a lot of wear on the disk.

    Why do you think you need swap? It's better to work within the limits of the available RAM in the device.

  • Thank you, I disabled the corresponding trigger in Zabbix.

    I read that same reasoning would apply, in general, to computers with SSD. Better have plenty of memory.

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