Help me with this topology

  • i wonder am i make a right topology…
    i have a problem with bridge.. because i can't setup transparent proxy using bridge mode..

    from my topology below how did i use to connect from "bridge lan" to WAN without using bridge method..
    my bridge method is working fine.. but i still can't configure using a normal configuration like you all did..

    plz get me detail with IP and gateway
    on interface..
    help me plz

  • My suggestion would be to create an opt1 interface on the pfsense box.  Call it, make your access point or something like that.  In my experience, this setup will work with Squid transparent proxy bound to both the LAN and OPT1 interfaces.  Also, traffic between them should pass unless you block it with a rule.  If you need them bridged, that should work too.

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