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  • I need to be able to let a client edit their own rules. If I knew how to do it from shell or api, that would be good enough since i could program something. But I don't even find a way to easy edit rules outside the web-GUI. I was able to use easyrules-command, but it only lets you add and not modify or delete.

  • @fireix I am just talking off the top of my head; however, it seems that you could have some sort of cloud presence with open source managing tools to give you access to your client's network.

  • Yes, I found some third-party tools that was made for earlier version and "kind-of" works, but not always. It works against config-files and seems a bit unfinished. So I would consider to make my own tool to make this process easier. The local easurules command with just a few more options would be perfect, I could work with that. Bit that requires me to know how to add ips and rules through the command line.

  • @fireix It seems that Ansible or Puppet is open source applications would work for you since it appears you're not shy to use CLI (like me). Ansible uses SSH whereas Puppet (from OpenStack) uses a user agent installed on client's box. Let's hope more senior members will follow-up.

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