pfSense on VMWare ESXi no internet

  • Hello,
    I have a dedicated server on soyoustart with 1 physicall NIC.
    I have 1 public IP 54.X.X.X and 1 failover IP 144.X.X.X.
    In ESXi I've created a vSwitch called LAN and port group for that also. It is connected to vmnic1. vmnic0 is WAN which is called VM Network (vSwitch0).
    I wanted to install pfsense with HAProxy to route the trafiic to websites.
    From the local Ubuntu VM I accessed pfsense gui and configured WAN to be addressed on 144.X.X.X IP with gateway upstream of 54.X.X.X. Anyway there's no internet access on that machine and DHCP connected machines too.
    Also the pfsense is not accesible from outside 144.X.X.X IP. I can only connect from DHCP connected Ubuntu.
    I've tried to add default route to 54.X.X.X IP adress without luck :(
    route add -net 54.X.X.X/32 -iface em0
    route add default 54.X.X.X
    Please help

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