csrf-magic.php crash report

  • Hi everyone,
    After leaving the management webpage on a 2.4.5-RELEASE box for several hours, I got the following crash report message:

    Crash report begins.  Anonymous machine information:
    FreeBSD 11.3-STABLE #236 21cbb70bbd1(RELENG_2_4_5): Tue Mar 24 15:26:53 [timezone] 2020     root@buildbot1-nyi.netgate.com:/build/ce-crossbuild-245/obj/amd64/YNx4Qq3j/build/ce-crossbuild-245/sources/FreeBSD-src/sys/pfSense
    Crash report details:
    PHP Errors:
    [03-Jun-2020 06:45:27 [timezone]] PHP Fatal error:  Allowed memory size of 536870912 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 162779464 bytes) in /usr/local/www/csrf/csrf-magic.php on line 149
    No FreeBSD crash data found.

    Maybe that $buffer argument is at fault here.
    Not sure if this warrants a bug report.

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