Fiddly dual WAN setup

  • I have one 70mb fibre WAN connection with bonded failover to 4G that is not as reliable as it should be. We have a bunch of VPN/RDP users who need a reliable line and a known IP to get in. Currently when the failover works, about 2 mins after losing connection, the backup is fully functional. Sometimes we get to 10 minutes and everyone freaks out. We've had much longer outages. Failback is seamless after about 15-20 mins.

    Failover with Dynamic DNS is nowhere near fast enough. These users need to be able to reconnect on the same IP with no fuss.

    I'm considering adding a second similar speed (but metered) connection with a different provider to fulfil several purposes:

    1. Last resort backup for VPN connection with a static IP. This should be always available, ie. not cut off when the main WAN resumes.
    2. Failover WAN for general download (ie. the meter doesn't get hammered unless really necessary).
    3. Load balanced WAN for upload (ie. doubles upload capacity)
    4. Dedicated WAN for VOIP VLAN (It's effectively a private link to a VOIP company, and this gets around PCI restrictions on VOIP)

    Does this sound do-able? Can you give me some pointers as to how I would configure it?

    Many thanks.

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