• I'm trying to understand how to set up a lets encrypt certificate on my pfsense box using my dynamic dns host name. No-ip is my dynamic dns provider. When configuring the Domain SAN list, I can't figure out what method to use. I have not found any documentation at no-ip or anywhere else on what to do. I'm new to doing this (setting up lets encrypt certificates on pfsense) so it's quite possible that I just don't understand terminology and therefor am not googling the right topic. Any help would be appreciated.


  • No complicated terms are needed.
    Try this no-i p acme **

    You find your answer on the very first link. The article is filled with the words 'purchase' here, 'purchase' there and you'll ask : where is the acme term. Knowing that a script called acme could be used to get certs from LetsenScrypt.

    So, take the second link :Let’s Encrypt Certificate with DNS verification with No-IP and read on ... the answer is at the end. Remove "-ip" to leave you with "no".

    Btw : if no-ip could be used with Letsenncrypt cert (renewal) they would have stated that as a huge advantage - right at the top of their support/faq/manual.