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  • Hello everyone,
    Can someone point me in the right direction to a complete detailed write up on how to get my Centurylink DSL modem/router and Pfsense properly setup. I don't have much experience with Pfsense so I want to be sure I get this correctly set up the first time.


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    How do you have it setup currently? Are you replacing an existing router with pfSense?


  • The modem/router currently is in
    IPoE it is the C1100t btw. The majority of the configuration is set to automatic configuration.
    From what I understand it needs to put in transparente bridge mode so that it will act solely as a modem and not a router. Also I i needed to get the PPPoE login information however, centurylink was unable to provide the the user ID and password. Im not sure what do do in that case but I reach out to centurylink again.
    Yes i would like to replace the existing hardware from centurylink with pfsense

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    IPoE is not PPPoE.

    I just turned off an IPoE DSL backup circuit that was great. But I had a static /29 not a single dynamic address.

    Not sure how it works in that configuration.

  • I figured that also which is why I decided to post on the forum. A lot of the write ups I have seen are PPPoE.

    My main goal is to get better internet speeds. The 2 ISP in my area are centurylink and Comcast, centurylink is is only able to offer 3mgs(10 on a good day) and Comcast gave a quote of 92k to install a line.
    Will pfsense allow me to get better speeds? I only ask because if I am not able to achieve higher speeds then maybe I should explore other solutions.

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    No idea. "It depends."

    What is the service level whoever will deliver to you will commit to?

    10 megabits?

    If the provider only offers 10Mb/sec nothing you do will make that faster. Move to Chattanooga lol.

  • haha... thats understandable, I was hoping to do something on my end to improve the service but it looks like I might be out of luck lol

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    Still better to have the public IP on the pfSense WAN directly if you can.


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