XG7100-1U SFP Ports and VLANs

  • Hi,

    I am a proud new owner of the XG7100-1U and I am trying to set up our network using VLANs. So far the plan is to set up the following VLANs:

    • VLAN 1: Management VLAN (all managed switches and access points will be using this VLAN for their management interfaces)
    • VLAN 4090: WAN (we really do not need this anywhere but on the XG7100-1U to connect to our fiber modem)
    • VLAN 4091: LAN (our internal private network)
    • VLAN 4092: GUEST (for guest access via WiFi)

    I managed to set up these VLANs without a problem and they are working on the internal Marvell switch of the XG7100-1U.

    The XG7100-1U is located in our server room. Between the server room and our two office floors there are only fiber connections available. So I got two SFP ports (ix0 and ix1) which each connect via a 10G fiber link to Netgear switches on our office floors.

    The question I have now is: how can I provide all the VLANs configured on the Marvell (except the WAN VLAN) switch to the Netgear switches via the ix0/ix1 SFP ports? Do I have to create bridge devices for each VLAN and use them to connect the internal switch with the SFP ports? Surely there must be an easier way, but so far I couldn't find any help in the documentation. Can someone please point me in the right direction?

    Thanks very much for your help.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    The only way to do that is to bridge, which is undesirable and would be my last choice, personally.

    If you must transition to fiber, one option is to trunk the VLANs on a 7100 switchport to another switch with a fiber port and go from there. That's probably what I would do, unless I needed 10G.

    Or I would just trunk the VLANs on one of the SFP ports to a switch and forget the one in the 7100 exists - at least for this purpose.

    Another option is a media converter but yuck.

  • I was afraid I would hear that. As an interim solution I actually did use a media converter (I agree with the "yuck"), because I had an extra one available. In the long run I will most likely get another switch and use that solution.

    Thanks for the quick and helpful reply, though!

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